B.Green & Company Timeline

1915 -  Benjamin Green founded B.Green and Company - Baltimore, MD based voluntary food wholesaler.

1949 -  B.Green began supplying Jumbo Food Stores (later became Shoppers Food Warehouse)

1960 -  B.Green began supplying Food-A-Rama supermarkets

1976 -  B.Green and Food-A-Rama formed a joint venture to buy 5 Big Valu stores from The Penn Fruit Company.

1981 -  Bernie Green partnered with Jack Millman to buy 3 former Pantry Pride stores - forming Farm Fresh Supermarkets of MD. Chain grew to 18 stores at its peak before a check kiting scheme in the 1990's put Millman in jail and the Farm Fresh chain in bankrupcy.

B.Green bought 2 additonal stores (Salisbury, MD and Dover, DE.) at the Pantry Pride auction.

B.Green joined with Food-A-Rama to buy 1 additional Pantry Pride store.

B.Green lost part of the Food-A-Rama wholesale business to Louis Lehrman & Son - Food-A-Rama's other wholesaler. (Louis Lehrman & Son Inc changed their name to Super Rite Foods years later)

1983 -  B.Green operated 8 retail food stores.

B.Green opened its newly expanded mechanized 600,000 sq ft warehouse at the Washington Blvd headquarters in Baltimore, MD

1984 -  B.Green and Food-A-Rama had informal talks about merging and going public. In the end, Bernie Green declined to merge for fear of losing his other wholesale customers.

1985 -  B.Green lost its largest wholesale customer when 48-store Food-A-Rama was sold to Super Rite Foods. After the transaction, most of the Food-A-Rama business was shifted to Super Rite Foods.

1986 -  B.Green purchased the 6-store Big B group from founders Herb Beckenheimer and Bernie Maizlish.

1988 -  B.Green was interested in selling the company. Was almost sold until negotiations fell apart.

1989 -  Farm Fresh Supermarkets Farm Fresh Supermarkets of MD (B.Green owned 49%) switched to the IGA program.

B.Green sold its 8-store Big B supermarket chain to Farm Fresh.

B.Green had a stock sale - consolidated the company's ownership into fewer family hands.

1991 -  B.Green lost its then largest wholesale customer when Shoppers Food Warehouse switched to Super Rite Foods.

1992 -  B.Green sold its military wholesale food division to Nash Finch Company.

1993 -  B.Green sold its civilian wholesale food division to Richfood Holdings.

2008 -  2008 B.GREEN & CO. ARTICLE

Present -  B.Green consists of a few grocery stores and 2 Cash-and-Carry operations in Baltimore, MD. The company is currently run by Bernie Green's son Benjy Green.