Super Rite Foods Timeline

1953 -  Alex Grass entered the wholesale grocery business, joining his father-in-law's company Louis Lehrman & Son based in Harrisburg, PA. A few years later, Alex Grass developed Rack Rite Distributors - a health and beauty aid wholesaler to compliment the grocery wholesaler Louis Lehrman & Son.

Alex Grass' first drugstore opened in 1962 - was eventually named Rite Aid.

1981 -  Louis Lehrman and Son picked up many new wholesale customers after the Pantry Pride bankruptcy auction. Competed with other wholesalers like B.Green & Co., P.A.& S Small, Wetterau, Richfood, and Fleming.

1983 -  Louis Lehrman & Son Inc. changed its name to Super Rite Foods to closely associate the wholesaler with its parent company Rite Aid.

Rite Aid spun off Super Rite as a separate entity.

1984 -  Super Rite Foods went public on the NYSE.

1985 -  Super Rite entered the retail food business with the acquisition of the 48-store Food-A-Rama chain in Baltimore, MD. Deal included the Food-A-Rama, Super-Super, and Basics Food Warehouse stores.

1989 -  Rite Aid sold its 46% interest in Super Rite Foods.

Alex Grass and his Rite Aid management team were voted in as Super Rite's new management.

1991 -  Super Rite won the Shoppers Food Warehouse wholesale account away from B.Green & Co.

1992 -  Super Rite introduced the Metro Food Markets banner. Began converting all the Basics stores to Metro Food Markets.

1994 -  Super Rite sold two Basics stores to Baltimore-based Food King Supermarkets and won Food King's wholesale business away from (Richfood) B.Green & Co.

1995 -  Super Rite Foods was sold to Richfood Holdings.