Shopping Spree Photo

Paul Diamond in a Food-A-Rama store
Photo taken in the 1960's

(from left to right)
Morris Korotki, Bernie Green of B.Green & Co.,
Roy Marks - Supervisor for Food-A-Rama,
Paul Diamond - Co-owner of Food-A-Rama

Dave Diamond - Co-owner of Food-A-Rama

Photo in a Food-A-Rama store May 1975
(from left to right)
Roy Marks - Supervisor/buyer for Food-A-Rama,
Paul Diamond - Co-owner of Food-A-Rama,
2 other men unknown

Paul Diamond - Co-owner of Food-A-Rama

(from left to right)
Paul Diamond with son Abe Diamond -
Head of Food-A-Rama Payroll Department

Ben Schuster - co-owner and spokesperson of Food-A-Rama

Dave Diamond - co-owner of Food-A-Rama

(from left to right)
Marvin Diamond,
Abe Diamond,
and Victor Elhai

Grandsons of Paul Diamond pose
with Judge Meyer Cardin - former Chairman of B. Green & Co.
April 2002

Al Rosenstadt - CFO for Food-A-Rama
Photo taken in 2003

From (l to r) Charlie Johann - Head Meat Buyer for Food-A-Rama
Matt Toback - Head Supervisor for Food-A-Rama
Photo taken at Hall of Fame Breakfast November 2003

From (r to l) Ben Schuster - Co-owner of Food-A-Rama reunites with his former business partners, the B.Green family at the Hall of Fame Induction Standing in the center is Benjy Green, new head of B.Green and Co.

All 10 of the 1st Inductees into the Maryland Food Industry
Hall of Fame. Ben Schuster of Food-A-Rama is here, along with other
noticables like Frank Perdue - Perdue Farms, Ken Herman - Shoppers Food
Warehouse (founder), Izzy Cohen - Giant Food (Pete Manos accepted),
and Bernie Green - B.Green and Co. (Benjy Green accepted).
November 2003

Maryland Retailers Association Food Industry Hall of Fame
November 4, 2010

From L to R: Jeff Metzger - Food World Magazine, Jeremy Diamond, Sonia Diamond,
Rob Santoni - Chairman of the Maryland Food Dealers Council
Maryland Retailers Association Food Industry Hall of Fame
November 4, 2010

Paul Diamond

Dave Diamond

Ben Schuster

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